Sara Imari Walker

Photo: Sara

Me and my Work: I am a physicist and astrobiologist who is fascinated by the search for life in the universe.

Status: Hi everyone!! Just found this cool NASA website with some fun games on it! Enjoy!!

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Kimberley Bryon

Photo: Kimberley

Me and my Work: Memory works by neurons talking to each other in the brain, I am trying to figure out how the neurons talk to each other.

Status: So many excellent questions. We have a really bright bunch of students in our zone!

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Julia Griffen

Photo: Julia

Me and my Work: I make new compounds to be tested as potential diabetes drugs.

Status: Sorry to see kimberly go.. will miss her knowledge! :).. Looking forward to some super chats today guys :)

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Drew Rae

Photo: Drew

Me and my Work: I ask “why do big accidents happen” and “how do we stop big accidents from happening”.

Status: Thanks for the support everyone. Let's have some hard questions to finish off the week!

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Amy MacQueen

Photo: Amy

Me and my Work: I am trying to understand what goes on inside white blood cells to help protect us from infections and diseases.

Status: Well, that was a LOT of fun!! Well done Drew! If any of your teachers want some science engagement activities in the Cambridge area give me a shout! Calcium zone are the best!! :)

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