• Question: Do eyelashes grow longer?

    Asked by kclark to Amy, Drew, Julia, Kimberley, Sara on 20 Jun 2011.
    • Photo: Amy MacQueen

      Amy MacQueen answered on 17 Jun 2011:

      Eyelashes are continually renewing – because of this many girls want to know if they grow longer. Apparently there are things you can do to make your lashes grow longer (I’m not sure that they MAKE them longer…they just keep them healthier so that they don’t break off and stuff…once they reach a certain length they fall out as far as I can tell).

      If you damage the follicle from where the eyelash grows it might grow thinner and shorter and be more fragile. So what should you do for longer healthier eyelashes? Apply a thin layer of Vaseline on your eyelids before going to bed. This moisturises and strengthens your eyelashes. Apparently after a few weeks it will make your eyelashes grow longer!!

      I think the actual length of your eyelashes must be partly genetic though…so there’s only so far the Vaseline will take you! 🙂

    • Photo: Julia Griffen

      Julia Griffen answered on 19 Jun 2011:

      No.. it they grew longer we wudn;t be able to see… they fall our and re grown constantly.. and prevent dust and durt getting in our eyes.

    • Photo: Sara Imari Walker

      Sara Imari Walker answered on 20 Jun 2011:

      Hello kclark! I think these ladies have just about covered it. One thing to add – a healthy diet goes a long way too! The first thing that starts to go when we are undernourished is energy to grow our hair and our nails. Those parts are not deemed as essential as others! Maybe that is why these parts contribute so much to aesthetic appeal – in the past, when they looked good, it has meant we are biologically healthy!